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By purchasing real estate on the island of Phuket, you are acquiring high-comfort housing. Almost all developers are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for future owners, and include in the internal infrastructure of their projects: swimming pools, gyms, free parking, a garden, etc. Often, you do not even have to worry about buying furniture and household appliances, they are either already included in the cost of the housing being purchased, or can be purchased from the developer at a very affordable cost. And you can immediately call into the purchased housing, without bothering yourself with finding and installing furniture, household appliances, and decor items, more details here.

Other advantages of buying a home on the island Phuket is an advantageous location and a comfortable climate. The proximity to the warm, tropical sea, beautiful nature, delicious exotic fruits, warm, tropical climate will delight you during your entire stay in this country.

At the same time, Thailand is a very comfortable country to live in, which is due not only to the climate and proximity to the sea, but also to the well-developed infrastructure. There are good international schools and kindergartens, hospitals with highly qualified medical care and modern equipment, Thailand has excellent roads that allow you to travel comfortably throughout the country, a large selection of attractions, shops with all the necessary products, and excellent airports, which makes it easy to travel. all over the world.

The real estate market in Thailand offers a large selection of proposals for different budgets.These are both investment real estate and real estate that is comfortable for permanent residence in the country. Oddly enough, but often they are not the same thing. To choose a property that suits you and your goals, it is better to turn to market professionals.

Even the purchase of inexpensive real estate in Thailand can bring a good profit, and will save your savings from inflation and crisis in the economy. Investors from all over the world choose real estate in Thailand for investment. This applies to both new housing from the developer and the secondary real estate market.

Pros and cons of real estate from the developer.

Now almost all developers in Phuket and Pattaya offer their clients programs for return on investment with a yield of up to 14% per annum. The developer can guarantee such a high profitability due to the high and stable demand for rental real estate for many years.

At the same time, the homeowner himself is neither looking for clients nor managing his property. All these worries are taken over by the developer, and the homeowner receives an annual return on his investment.

Another plus is the interest-free payment by installments until the end of construction. You do not need to transfer the entire amount of money at once, or go to the bank and take out a loan or mortgage to purchase a home. Often, developers are ready to consider individual payment terms that are comfortable for you.

Of the downsides:

You can start receiving rental income only after construction is completed.
It is impossible to see the final result during the construction phase, which is associated with a certain risk.

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